Litra Torch – Review Video

Litra Torch Review

In this video I review and unbox my newest piece of gear, The Litra Torch.

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Litra Torch is a Professional Adventure Lighting system. Use it on your bike, for technical work or underwater. The LitraTorch provides an ultra-wide beam angle of daylight temperature light with no hot spots, harsh edges or flicker.

With many accessories and multiple mounting options, including two standard ΒΌ 20 mounts and a rear magnet, the LitraTorch adapts to you.

The LitraTorch runs up to 7 hours on strobe or 4 hours continuous and charges through a waterproof Micro USB port. The sleek aluminum housing is tested drop proof for your adventure. Lumen output is 2200 on strobe and up to 800 lumen on high!

Designed around the needs of professionals, the light output from the LitraTorch is un-paralleled in this format. How will you use your Litra Torch?

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