The 2018 Lunar Eclipse

The 2018 Lunar Eclipse in Napa, California

The 2018 Lunar Eclipse in Napa, California.
The 2018 Lunar Eclipse in Napa, California. Photographed by Bryan Goff.

Here a  few photographs that I took of the Lunar Eclipse that happened back in January. I live in Petaluma, California and had to travel about twenty minutes to Napa to get these shots. As you can see the skies were very clear this morning, although it was very chilly. I drove around and found a spot on the side of the road to set up my equipment. I used my Sony a6300 camera, Orion ED80T telescope and Celestron AVX mount to acquire these pictures. I also used my Sony A7Sii and Rokinon 135mm lens to capture the wide field photograph.

About the pictures.

The main one is of course during the total lunar eclipse. If you look you can see the stars around the moon. Usually during a full moon the stars are washed out by the moons brightness.

The wide field picture is of the total lunar eclipse and the Bee Hive cluster, M44. This photo is the one I was most excited for. As it shows the full moon and a Messier Object in the same frame.

The other image where the moon looks like a Pokeball is about half way until the total lunar eclipse. You can easily see the different phases of brightness on the surface of the moon.

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