Litra Torch – Review Video

Litra Torch Review

In this video I review and unbox my newest piece of gear, The Litra Torch.

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Night Time Gun Shoot

50 Caliber Gun ShootIt’s always nice to see my photos floating around on the web. This one was from a few years ago when I was on the Coast Guard Cutter Stratton (WMSL-752). We were doing a gun shoot at night. The length of the exposure on the photograph made it look like lasers were coming out of the gun. It is hosted on flicker by the United States Coast Guard.

Great American Solar Eclipse 2017

Who is ready for the Solar Eclipse, #solareclipse ? I shot this a few weeks ago in my backyard in preparation of the Solar Eclipse coming up. I live in Petaluma, Ca. and it was a clear day when I photographed this. I used my Orion ED80T telescope connected to my Sony Alpha a6300 which was attached tom my Celestron AVX tripod. I think it came out pretty good and you can even see sunspot AR2670, which happens to be larger than the moon.

A photograph of the sun. Shot in Petaluma, by Bryan Goff. Solar Eclipse 2017.
A photograph of the sun. Shot in Petaluma, by Bryan Goff.


More Solar Eclipse Info, from NASA.

Photo Details:

Sony Alpha a6300
Orion ED80T 480mm f/6
1/2000th sec ISO 100
10 images stacked

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Edwards Air Force Base | Sony Alpha A7Sii

These were shot at Edwards Air Force a few weeks ago. This plane is at the heritage museum. I had to use some filters to give them the look you see, due to the lights surrounding it. It was shot with a Sony Alpha A7Sii and a Rokinon 14mm lens at f/2.8.

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Sequoia National Park | Sony A7Sii

This was taken at Sequoia National Park, in California. It is close to the General Sherman Tree by the Congress trail.

I used a Sony Alpha A7Sii, Rokinon 14mm, Nodal Ninja and a Mefoto Tripod. I took 12 shots total. 6 of them were pointed down at a 40 degree angle and then the other 6 were pointed up at a 40 degree angle. I then loaded the files in Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.10. Within LR I applied the lens profile and the exported all the files as TIFF’s. Once the files were converted to TIFF’s I loaded them in PtGui Pro and stitched them together to form a panorama. After the Panorama was made, I injected the photo with some fake metadata so it would display properly on social media sites. If you have further questions feel free to ask. I am here for YOU to learn.

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Lassen National Park Visitor Center

This is a 360 VR photosphere of the visitor center at Lassen Volcanic National Park. It has lot’s of great info inside about the park and places to see. If you stop by here talk to the Ranger on duty and ask him or her the best places to see. The park is full of great photo opportunities.

This was photographed with a Ricoh Theta S