Time-Lapse – Sony PlayMemories Camera App

This Time-Lapse  was made with the Sony PlayMemories Camera App. It was shot in Alameda, Ca. with a Sony Alpha A7S and a Sony Zeiss 24-70mm lens.

This time-lapse app automatically shoots a series of still images at intervals then combines them into one movie. It’s easy to use: just select a time-lapse mode that most closely resembles what you are shooting and let the camera do the rest! The proper settings are automatically made for you, eliminating the need for time-consuming trial and error. Eight time-lapse themes are available: Cloudy Sky, Night Sky, Night Scene, Sunset, Sunrise, Miniature, Standard, Custom. You can choose to save the still images as a series of photos instead of a movie. With the latest update you can also shoot in silent mode. This will definitely save you some wear and tear on your shutter.

I used the Sony Angle Shift Add-on companion in this video. You can easily add pan, tilt, zoom and other effects to your time-lapse images with the click of a button. IN the case of this video I used the zoom feature.

Filmed on my Sony A7S

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